T3 (Timber, Transit, Technology) is a new design concept for a more
sustainable world. Hines, the global leader in real estate development and
management, is redefining work and life in the world’s most innovative
cities, such as Barcelona. What’s the purpose? Teams have to feel
comfortable, safe and creatively inspired in a unique environment.

Premium-quality timber meets the latest in construction technology, inspiring distinctive and planet-friendly spaces with
an accent on well-being.

Views of office floor

T3 spaces are designed for up-and-coming neighbourhoods with great connectivity. What’s more, they’re changing how we move, rewriting the city’s choreography by making it effortless to walk, cycle or skate.

T3 buildings make working life easy, fluid and rigorously secure. Wherever you are in the building, your teams will be powered by 24/7 connectivity, with the very latest in data security technology.

T3 in the world

When you work in a T3 building, you’re part of a network of
innovative office spaces stretching all around the world.
Atlanta, Toronto, Denver, Melbourne, Vancouver, Chicago and
now Barcelona are all part of a global network on a mission
to attract and nurture talent.

It’s time to discover a better way of building. Welcome to T3 Diagonal Mar, a new professional ecosystem for tomorrow’s industries. 3,627 square metres of ultra-smart, ultra-sustainable workspace, for companies that run on inspiration – embedded in a holistic live/work community where both talent and nature can flourish, with shops and services on tap.

Front façade

View of ground floor reception and co-working space

Cut loose from

Concrete and steel have a new challenger: wood. T3 buildings are constructed entirely from natural, sustainable timber, put together with cutting-edge architectural technology. The result is a warm, restorative and uplifting space that treads far more lightly on the earth.

  • Smart design = complete organisational freedom
  • Prefabricated modules = lower fit-out costs
  • Fire-treated timber façade (show sugi ban) = minimal maintenance
  • Unparalleled performance and structural safety for a fraction of the impact
  • 66% of employees prefer timber buildings to conventional offices
  • 14% productivity boost in a unique environment they love
  • Significant reduction in stress and more balanced energy levels
  • Biophilic design aids focus, fosters creativity and inspires innovation
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart-rate and strengthens the immune system
  • Wood-based materials improve air quality and maintain stable humidity levels
  • Renewable timber harvested from locally sourced, young trees
  • Reduces CO2 emissions responsible for climate change
  • A cleaner way to build, with fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimal environmental impact, even after demolition
  • Recycled flooring crafted from timber offcuts

A new vision for
well-being and sustainability

Every workstation has been thoughtfully designed for ocular and ergonomic comfort.

With plenty of healthy lunch options and strict water-quality controls, you’ll always be well fuelled and ready to shine.

T3 Diagonal Mar is committed to supporting your comfort and well-being; that’s why you’ll find natural elements and textures throughout the building.

Oversized picture windows have been built into our stairwells, rewarding healthy habits with spectacular views.

Outstanding interior air quality free of harmful particles, thanks to market-leading ventilation systems and regular monitoring.

T3 Diagonal Mar uses 14% less energy and 47% less water than a conventional office building, thanks to photovoltaic panels and a high-performance grey water system.

We create

T3 Diagonal Mar combines all the advantages of timber construction with the latest generation of smart office solutions to create a more lightweight building with a smaller environmental footprint. It’s also a safer way to build, thanks to oversized beams and columns that lock in more structural integrity than any cement-and-metal box. In the event of a fire or other emergency, it could make all the difference.

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It’s all happening
in 22@

Multinationals, tech companies, start-ups, developers, creators … 22@ is inventing the future right in the heart of Barcelona, the innovation capital of southern Europe. And it’s still growing, especially to the north, where a new superblock forms the keystone of the city’s latest expansion zone.

Can we show
you around the

T3 Diagonal Mar is just one piece in an ambitious vision for Barcelona. It has been designed to slot into a ribbon of mixed-use development fronting a vibrant superblock, where offices and apartment buildings mingle with a student residence next to T3 Diagonal Mar, the Toulouse Business School, green space, amenities and everyday services, such as supermarkets and fitness centres.

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Be part
of the city

And do it your way: Metro, tram, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle or scooter. From here, the entire city is yours to enjoy, and T3 Diagonal Mar is all about frictionless motion

Meet our team

Global leader in real estate investment,
management and development

Henderson Park is a pan-European private equity real estate manager
that seeks high-quality assets in prime locations

Henderson Park

Barcelona based architecture studio
founded by Enric Batlle and Joan Roig

Jhon Doe

30-year experienced company of structural
wood solutions for the construction sector

Sara Wilams

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